Miles 4 Radiotherapy 2024 Graphic

Together for Radiotherapy: Making miles matter this summer

I am honoured to once again participate in the #Miles4Radiotherapy Campaign. With this campaign, you can support the radiotherapy workforce, assist in education and awareness, and help us campaign for better, fairer, treatment in the UK. Radiotherapy UK’s two-month summer challenge is a fantastic opportunity to contribute towards this crucial cause.

Participants can walk, run, swim, or cycle during July and August to #CatchUpWithCancer. 

It’s easy to get involved:

  1. Register at Radiotherapy UK:  Sign Up
  2. Record your miles: If you walk, run, cycle, or swim- count all those miles.
  3. Raise funds: Create a goal, share your sponsorship form with others, or collect matching donations from work.
  4. Relay the message: Share your #Miles4Radiotherapy journey on social media

This event takes place virtually, so you can join from anywhere.  Additionally Radiotherapy UK is extending an invitation to join them in person:

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on our page and social media channels. Let’s make every mile matter!

Register at Radiotherapy UK, and get moving!