Professor Pat Price

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Cancer Care

Access, Advocacy, Expert Support

Professor Pat Price is an inspiring leader in the clinical oncology field, a true pioneer in PET molecular imaging.

From the classroom to the newsroom, Price is an active advocate for patients, ensuring that cancer care is accessible and equitable.

As an academic and educator, she is dedicated to ensuring the next generation of oncology researchers and practitioners are making an impact in their field.

Price is also the founder and owner of a group of companies operating globally within the research field and locally within the UK. Her team provides an in-depth, academic, and high-quality service that enhances the legal process.

Promoting, challenging, advising and supporting radiotherapy treatment

There's a lot to do for patients and research and if the establishment is doing the opposite, I'd rather do what's right for the patient. My parents always brought us up [insisting that] whatever talents you've got, use them and use them for the good of others.

Professor Pat Price

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