Prof Price tackles the question Will we catch up with cancer? in Irwin Mitchell webinar

Prof Price tackles the question “Will we catch up with cancer?’ in Irwin Mitchell webinar

"Can we stop the potential collapse of cancer care services following COVID-19?" Professor Pat Price discussed this question in an Irwin Mitchell webinar featuring the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign, which aims to lobby the Government for a new national cancer recovery plan. 

During the chat she talked about the ongoing cancer crisis in the UK, her role in advocacy, and the future of cancer care.  She was joined by Dr. Sonia Adesara, another medical expert, who was also advocating for changes.

We’ve got to get a plan, and really get a plan quickly or else everyday it goes on, we’re getting into a worse situation.


Pat Price concluded, “Will we catch up with cancer? I think the bottom [line] is that cancer affects one in two of us, and it’s increasing, I think we can’t afford to NOT catch up to cancer.” 

Watch the complete webinar and support the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign, by learning more on the Radiotherapy UK website.