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Message from Prof Price: Support for the Princess of Wales

After the brave announcement from the Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis, I extend my thoughts and prayers, along with everyone in the cancer care community, to the Princess and her family.

A cancer diagnosis is always deeply concerning, but the fact that the Princess is so young and very much in the prime of her life makes this news all the more upsetting and unsettling.  And coming so soon after the King’s recent diagnosis, one can hardly imagine how worrying this time is for the whole family.  I think that as a nation, if we can support her it would be a huge strength to her and her family. She will need time and space during this difficult time.

I’m sure everyone will admire the fact that the Princess of Wales has chosen to speak so openly and frankly about her situation. As was the case with the King’s diagnosis, her doing so will no doubt give many more people that vital prompt to get themselves checked and give others affected by cancer more confidence to speak about their own experience.

Kate, Princess of Wales sitting on benching announcing she is having cancer treatment

This announcement is a stark and shocking reminder that cancer is no respecter of age or social status.  One out of every two people will develop cancer, but the princess’s positive message can help those  similarly affected know that they are not alone.

My hope is that she may feel the support from the entire country and has the time and space necessary to heal and recover.