Lynsey Rice, Pat Price, Alison Goulding, Darien Laird, and Sarah Quinlan posing for photo

Message from Prof Price: 2023 reflections & 2024 exciting ventures ahead

Pictured Above:  Lynsey Rice, Pat Price, Alison Goulding, Darien Laird, and Sarah Quinlan

2023 was certainly a busy year.  The extent of my medico-legal work has been back to pre-covid levels: completing close to 200 expert reports, attending 68 conferences and providing 300 pieces of follow-up work. 

As well as my medico-legal work I have also been involved with a number of exciting events and developments, including:

Looking ahead to 2024, I am excited to announce new partnerships and ventures, detailed below.

Charity Partner 2024

Price Jones is excited to share that Radiotherapy UK is our chosen charity partner for 2024.

In addition, we are dedicating our support to the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign, a cause close to our hearts. #CatchUpWithCancer – run by charity Radiotherapy UK - is a voice for the 4 in 10 cancer patients waiting too long for life-saving treatment.

The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign has:

  • Been the first to raise concerns about the lack of ambition for cancer patients in the reduction in NHS cancer targets
  • Brought cancer waiting times for treatment into the heart of Parliament, providing each and every MP with details of how long their constituents have to wait to get life-saving cancer treatment
  • Launched a series of reports and analysis that call out the current cancer crisis in the UK, highlighted the need for urgent change to improve patient survival rates, and published practical solutions to turning the situation around

For more information about the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign and supporting this vital cause, please click here.

Your involvement can really help a small charity with a huge heart make a significant difference in the lives of those with cancer, and the 1 in 2 of us that will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime.

New Venture

The Medico-Legal Knowledge Partnership Logo

At Price Jones HQ we are all very busy behind the scenes developing our new venture, The Medico-Legal Knowledge Partnership.

Our mission is clear:

"Creating a space for global experts, lawyers and healthcare organisations to share knowledge, collaborate and receive professional support to improve patient care and legal outcomes.”

Our aim is to help elevate industry standards, foster innovation, and empower individuals to reach new heights of expertise.

The Medico-Legal Knowledge Partnership isn't just about imparting information; it's about forging connections, building relationships, and helping empower everyone working together into a future defined by excellence. This will be accomplished through: 

  • Thought-provoking podcasts featuring industry leaders
  • Interactive webinars that unravel the complexities of the field
  • Personalised online training modules that empower you with the latest insights

We hope you will join us in building a collaborative online community, where like-minded individuals converge to share ideas, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes.

We welcome any early interest. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.