Radiotherapy UK members posing at event

How the UK can transform cancer treatments: The Lancet Oncology article on world-class radiotherapy

The Lancet Oncology recently published an article titled "Towards world-class radiotherapy in the UK: time for transformation," co-authored by Professor Pat Price. The article addresses the worsening cancer crisis in the UK, the importance of radiotherapy, challenges faced, and outlines six areas of action that need to be addressed.


The All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy commissioned the charity, Radiotherapy UK to develop and facilitate a report setting out an ambitious but realistic vision to achieve world class radiotherapy in the UK by 2034. The Vision Document titled, “World-class Radiotherapy in the UK: Right Patient, Right Treatment, Right Time” was launched in the House of Commons on 6 February 2024.

This report provides an ambitious but realistic concept to show what can be achieved during the next decade, transforming radiotherapy services across the UK, and improving cancer cure while reducing side-effects.

The UK radiotherapy community, including patients and professionals, provided input to develop the document.


Another important element of transforming cancer treatment was the Radiotherapy Essential Standards, developed by the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR).


The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy has recommended radiotherapy essential standards for inclusion in [national cancer control plans] NCCPs, and work has begun with the US National Institutes of Health on the worldwide implementation of radiotherapy services.


This report presents the available tools to deliver world-class radiotherapy in the UK. The Lancet article urges politicians, NHS leaders, and health-care commissioners in the UK to utilize these tools to plan and take action now.